Betting Tournaments Rules

  • BET is the currency used in betting tournaments on Betch.
  • Users receive 10 BET after registration to start playing.
  • To take part in a betting tournament the user needs to place a prediction in at least one match.
  • Users are competing against each other.
  • Each prediction costs 1 BET.
  • For each correct prediction, the user wins a pay-out in BET according to the odds.
  • All BET are summed up.
  • Whoever has the most BET at the end of each tournament gets the biggest share of the prize fund.
  • The number of prizes and payouts for each tournament is determined by Betch.
  • The line is written by Betch.
  • The odds can change before the start of the matches, but are fixed at the exact time of the matches start.
  • If a user places a bet, its odds are fixed for that match.
  • As soon as a tournament ends, Betch admin staff will message all winners via the Support section. We will need your actual wallet address to send your payment, which usually goes through within 24 hours.
  • If your balance falls below 10 BET, you can request more in the Wallet section to get it back up to 10 again. You can do this for free, so long as you don’t have any bets placed in any upcoming tournaments.

The Community Rules

  • The Betch community forum is a friendly place for all our users to ask questions, create topics, and leave comments. We welcome constructive discussion around betting topics and hope you’ll contribute to the friendly atmosphere that we’re aiming for. This isn’t a place for toxicity, so any aggressive or intimidating commenters will not be tolerated and can expect to be swiftly removed.
  • One person should have only one account on Betch
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