• Buy-in: Entry fee required to participate in a paid tournament.
  • BET: A native token on the platform, utilised for buy-ins and receiving payouts.
  • Tournament Balance: Points available to users at the start of a tournament for placing bets.
  • Stake: The share of the tournament balance a user bets on a prediction.
  • Prize pool: The total funds allocated to be paid out to winners at the end of a tournament.
  • Odds: The multiplier used to calculate the potential return on a stake. It reflects the probability of a specific outcome happening; the higher the odds, the less likely the outcome is considered to happen, and vice versa.

General Rules

  • You must be 18+, meet local gambling age requirements and ensure that your participation complies with the laws and regulations applicable in your jurisdiction.
  • Multiple accounts are prohibited and will lead to a ban.

BET Token

  • BET is a Betch native token.
  • Until official public offering, the BET price is fixed and equal 0.01 USD.
  • BET can be purchased and sold in the Wallet section.

Betting Tournaments Rules

  • Tournaments come in Free and Paid varieties.
  • Users must register to join a tournament.
  • For paid tournaments, the buy-in is taken from the user's account. Buy-ins contribute to the prize pool, growing with each new participant.
  • Upon registering, users get points for betting, shown in their tournament balance.
  • Tournaments feature sports matches as events. Betch provides the line of events and odds for making predictions. While odds may change, they remain fixed for users after a bet is placed.
  • Users can only place one bet per event.
  • When your prediction is correct, your stake is multiplied by the odds and this total is added to your tournament balance.
  • Losing bets means the stake is lost.
  • Participants compete for the highest balance, with rankings reflecting their point totals.
  • The highest balance at the end of the tournament earns the biggest portion of the prize pool.
  • Tie-breakers for equal points are decided first by potential returns, then by registration time.
  • Tournament details, including prize distribution, stakes, and balance information, are available in the tournament's info section.
  • Once a tournament has finished, the prize funds are awarded to the top participants.

The Community Rules

  • The Betch community forum is a friendly place for all our users to ask questions, create topics, and leave comments. We welcome constructive discussion around betting topics and hope you’ll contribute to the friendly atmosphere that we’re aiming for. This isn’t a place for toxicity, so any aggressive or intimidating comments will not be tolerated and can expect to be swiftly removed.
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