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31 Dec 15:04


Manav Shah
01 Jan 13:40
Even after I have viewed the notification, the counter doesn't disappear. It keeps showing that I have 1 notification. Better if counter is only for unseen notifications.
Great project though! Cheers!
Manav Shah
01 Jan 13:47
Also, in settings, it is written "sing out" instead of "sign out".
Got confused at first lol
01 Jan 13:49
Manav Shah, is it about notifications in the upper right corner?
01 Jan 13:49
Manav Shah, aha thank you. I'll fix it
Manav Shah
01 Jan 16:31
Yes notification on the right corner
04 Jan 11:47
I appear in the rating twice.
04 Jan 11:48
Diego, I see. Working on it.
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