🪙 1 BET per game?

New to the site and just wanted to ask, is there any way to make more than 1 pick per match?
If there are only 8 games that day and we have 10 available picks to make, does that mean we can't bet the other 2 2.000BET that we have for that day?
Created At mavakaga
10 Mar 22:29


11 Mar 17:49
The point is to make equal bet to estimate forecasters' profitability in the equal conditional.

Now we are considering to change some rules regarding points in the tournaments. Participants will receive bankroll for each tournament when they join it. Thus, for example, tournament consisting 10 games every participants start with 10 points and they will have a choice whether use all of that or place bets on particular events only. We think it will be more fair, since participants with a larger ROI will win.
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